“This was the second great year in a row and i think I’ll go for a third next year. From the time we landed in Saskatoon and picked up at the airport we were totally looked after, right down to permits, shells and a gun. Using a semi auto of theirs saved us great hassles at the airports and customs. Another bonus was that they took care of cleaning the birds, and when you have shot over one hundred birds that becomes important. The blinds are comfortable, the calling ( Tyler ) was excellent, he can really turn them around. It is a treat to watch. We shot our limit on every shoot. I can’t do that in Ontario. The accommodation is very comfortable. The bedding includes flannel sheets which are very pleasant on a cold night. And the food; Spectacular is all I can say. It is the only hunt camp that I have been to that serves prime rib roast beef and BBQ spare ribs. We were there over Thanksgiving weekend and they provided a complete thanksgiving dinner for us as well. Would I recommend Prairie sky? Hell yes.”