Our Gear

The following gear are products we use at our camps and feel are top in the industry.   The products have all exceeded our expectations based on the extreme conditions we put them through day in and day out.  Rain, mud snow, ice,  you name it we have abused them and they still  hold up to being used every day during the season for many years.   If you have questions about any of these products, just give us a shout and we will give you our honest opinion on how they have performed for us. 

Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus


The A400 Xtreme Plus is the next step in the evolution of the world’s softest shooting waterfowl shotgun. Beretta has incorporated technology developed for competition shooting into the premier waterfowl shotgun on the market.  We have this gun available for rent on a daily basis.   Please call in advance for availability.  

Go to www.beretta.com/en-us  for more info on this amazing gun.

Dakota Decoy X-Series Layout Blind and X-Series Field Blind

• Sets up and collapses in seconds
• X-treme comfortable with 16″ padded pillow style headrest with triple foam layered backrest to keep your body off the elements
• 20″ zippered flagging holes on both sides
• Max 5 camouflage 900D water shedding fabric
• Heavy duty aluminum FULL frame for ease of getting in and out
• Waterproof flooring that extends up on all sides 8″ to allow ultimate dryness and comfort while hunting wet conditions

• And many more great options.   Go to www.dakotadecoy.com for more info


This is one awesome 10’ X-Blind! The frames set up in under a minute. Once set up, the frame turns into one solid piece, making it almost bulletproof, and easy to move at given moment! The canvas is 2 independent pieces, that secure solidly to the frame, with doors on each end for easy in and out. There is a viewing screen the entire length of the blind, allowing viewing while keeping faces hidden! A built-in dog door allows the dog to be hidden inside the blind, while still being allowed to see the action. The blind also has tops that easily Velcro on where ever they are needed. Hide that black hole and keep the heat in at the same time! Transporting the blind is very easy, as it comes with a carry bag, which holds the entire blind and frame.  

Go to www.dakotadecoy.com to find out more

Avian X – AXF Honker Decoys

These decoys are a must, no goose setup is complete without them. Flocked decoys excel at fooling wary honkers in all lighting and weather conditions. The secret lies in the fibers’ ability to eliminate unnatural shine and fight against frost. Feather sheen flocking covers every part of these full-body Canadas – from the precisely-measured body to the factory-attached head. The result is a perfect duplicate of the look, movement and coloration of the real thing.

Go to www.avian-x.com for more info


Dive Bomb Industries

We use the V2 Canada Silhouette’s in conjunction with our full body Canada decoys.   We found that we can build a huge spread with tons of realism while minimizing costs and vital trailer space. The V2 are built out of super tough plastic material, they are 1 piece, powder coated and have a textured finish.  They have rich dark colors for eye catching realism.  They only weigh 6 lbs per doz if you are having to walk your spread into the field.

Go to www.divebombindustries.com

We have found that the best results were from using the S3 silhouette’s and M1 mallard sock decoys together.   Using them together we found that they give you the realism and movement that is needed in a spread. The M1 are built out of super tough plastic material, they are 1 piece, powder coated and have a textured finish.   They only weigh 4 lbs per doz if you are having to walk your spread into the field.

Go to www.divebombindustries.com more info.

The S3 Snow Goose Socks are a great way to build a huge spread while saving a ton of cash compared to going with full body decoys.    You can put them out fast therefore making your set up time a lot shorter and giving you those few extra minutes of needed sleep that we desperately need throughout the season.  They have an ultra realistic head and body paint scheme, snap lock backbone system, and zero memory and spring open sock mouth.  One of my favourite things about these decoys is they arrive at your door 100% assembled.

Go to www.divebombindustries.com for more info.

Dakota Decoy – Full Body Snow Goose Decoys

We are still running the original hard plastic full bodies.  The one-piece decoys are built for the harshest conditions. We use the standard motion ring base, the new series also come standard with an all new stake system for those looking to save space!  These have stood up to many many years of abuse and although may show some wear and tear they still keep their shape and form.  

Go to www.dakotadecoy.com for more info