Our Lodging

You will be staying in one of our two beautiful lodges. Both lodges are strategically situated centrally in our guiding zones and in the heart of the Saskatchewan goose, duck and Sandhill Crane flyway. You will be able to watch thousands of waterfowl from our decks flying right over head and landing  in one of the many fields and bodies of water around the area.  We put a lot of thought into how we wanted the feel of our lodges to be for each and everyone of you.   Comfort, enjoyment and functionality were our main focusses.  Upon entering our lodges you will walk into a large mudroom with plenty of space for everyone to shed their hunting gear.  Off the mudrooms you have easy access to your bedroom and washrooms where you can clean up and get ready to unwind.  The spacious living, dining and bar areas are where you are most likely going to be spending most of your time sharing laughs and stories from your hunts.  We know how tiring those early mornings can become, so for your comfort and privacy we have built our camps with 8 and 10 bedrooms with double or queen beds to assure you receive a good nights sleep.  Last but not least, if you enjoy having an evening drink by the fire, fire pits and wood are on site for your enjoyment.

All our packages include delicious, hearty home cooked meals by our in-house chefs. Menus can be catered to your specific needs or requests. If you are someone who enjoys cooking for yourself, the lodge is equipped with everything you need to prepare a gourmet meal.