Our Staff

Each and everyone here plays a critical part in making PSO the premier camp that it is today.  They all live and breath hunting and the outdoors.  They simply love what they do and it shows. They are knowledgeable in every aspect of waterfowl and never stop to provide you, our clients, with the best experience possible. There are alot of camps out there that can “put you on the birds” but this group of guys is truly what makes PSO different from all the rest.  There is a reason we run the hash tag “morethannumbers” because we are, just that.  You don’t have to take our word for it, come and experience all that Prairie Sky Outfitters has to offer this hunting season.   


Chad was born in Manitoba but Saskatchewan has been his home for the past 21 years.   The outdoors has been a huge part of his life starting at a very young age.  He retired from firefighting after 17 years of service in 2015 to pursue his love of the outdoors and his passion of building beautiful homes.  Owning his own waterfowl camp had always been a dream of his and now that he has made this dream come true he is constantly working to make sure your experience with PSO is beyond your expectations.  From the first initial phone call, the beautiful accommodations, friendly relaxed atmosphere and fun experienced staff,  he is making sure all the details are covered.  Chad’s goal is to continue to make sure PSO is the premier waterfowl camp in Saskatchewan.  


Tyler is a Saskatchewan boy through and true.   Being born and raised here, he has been immersed in the waterfowl industry for the past 19 years starting with guiding before becoming a co owner of PSO.   He has always been a fanatic of the outdoors. Tyler’s goal when clients arrive is to provide a premier hunting experience with a family like comradery that makes you want to come back year after year.  He spends his spring chasing wary snows and summers on the lakes and rivers fishing.  His life goal is to master each and every huntable species of game in North America.  With his past experiences and knowledge of the outdoors he is constantly striving to provide you with the most memorable hunts possible.


Cam, born and raised in Saskatchewan,  has been a huge part of PSO now for 9 years.   He was abruptly put into the field our first year running when one of our guys became a bit under the weather and has never looked back.   Cam’s knowledge of how to read birds and the ability to put them in your face is second to none.  He is constantly  adapting and figuring out what our next move should be to convince those wary snows that we are where they want to be.  In the offseason you will find him looking for the next boon and crocket whitetail, ice fishing, and running his family farm.


From British Columbia,  Jay was first a client of ours and loved it so much he just needed to be a part of our awesome team.  He started hunting at a very young age, mostly hunting over water out of boats and blinds.   He found his addiction to duck calls later in life but has seriously made up for the late start as he has quite the impressive collection now.    Offseason, if not hunting waterfowl in B.C., Jay works all over the globe piloting helicopters, putting out fires, rescuing stranded skiers or military support in the craziest environments.   Jay’s passion for waterfowl and attention to detail are unmatched by anyone we know and once you meet him, I am sure you will feel the same.


Spencer, like most of our PSO staff, is born and raised in Saskatchewan.  He is in his 5th year with us and has moved quickly from scouting birds to chasing them down in the fields.    He is the master of getting those weary cranes to commit and dive in feet first.  Off season you won’t see much of Spencer around home as he is busy guiding bear, whitetail, cougars, Lake Trout and huge Northern Pike.   When he is not guiding, he keeps his days filled trapping coyotes and wolves and hiking around the countryside looking for the next huge shed.


I grew up in Ohio hunting whitetails with a bow. Around 18 I started waterfowl hunting and was hooked. Now living along the North Platte River in Nebraska my life revolves around duck & goose hunting. Birds and bird dogs is what I live for now. Training retrievers in the summers and guiding over them in the winters consumes my life.


Gage has been a Saskatchewan boy for the past 10 years and with PSO now for 3.   He is a man of few words, but sure knows how to put his head down and get things done.   From cruising around the country side finding the next hunt, to preparing trailers and equipment to head out of the yard, this guy does not stop.  Offseason he enjoys all things outdoors, walking the countryside looking for sheds, hunting big game and fishing the numerous lakes our beautiful province has to offer.  


Steve has been a great addition to the PSO team.   He is new to the world of waterfowl but not to the outdoors.   He lived in B.C. for the past 20 years deep sea fishing, trapping the coastal waters, and exploring the beautiful coastlines and mountainous regions.  If there is anything needing to be done around our camps he is the man.  You will find him helping our where ever there is a guy needed whether it being out in the fields setting up decoys, picking up clients at the airport, and most importantly keeping all our vehicles and equipment running smoothly.   




Stacy is coming into his third season with us and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board.  Another one of our staff that is born and raised here in Saskatchewan.   You will never go hungry with this man around camp, always whipping up some appy’s, fresh muffins, scones or trying out something new in between his delicious meals.   In the offseason he is cooking for Wollaston Lake lodge in northern Sk., as well as a couple restaurants in Saskatoon.   You will not want to get in Stacy’s way while he is in the kitchen since during his off time he is often found working out and kick boxing.